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dical quarantine and seven-day home observation, the new 14+7+7 model will enforce another week of health monitoring, during which the quarantined individual mu2

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st regularly report body temperature to the local community.Similarly, Beijing has also exteR

nded the COVID-19 observation period for inbound travelers to 21 days following sporadic locally-transmitted cases. The capital has further laid out requirements for COVID-19 prevention and control in public transport services, including taxis and road passenger transportation.Meanwhile, China is a1

ided to f2


dministering domestically developed COVID-19 vaccines to specific groups with high infection risks, including medical workers, airportp

staff and people handling cold-chain imported products.Over 1 million people in Beijing had received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccineb

  • urther extend the health oA
  • bservation period to 28 days fo
  • or all inbound travelers frZ
  • om abroad. In addition t7
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OCT 20, 2048
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OCT 12, 2048
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